How to make the most of your shopping budget this April

By 20th March 2023 No Comments

With all the price rises happening this year, it may seem like the pennies are just disappearing. Fear not, we’ve got some simple ways to help you make the most of your shopping budget this April. Here’s how…

Make do and mend

Yup, we’re going right back in time with this one, but if it can work for the generations before, it can work for us. Looking for a pair of shorts for the warmer weather? Grab that pair of jeans and get chopping or add a cool new look to a jacket or T-shirt with patches. Pop down to the centre and grab your sewing needles, threads, and haberdashery today. Pst: This is also a great crafting idea to do with kids in the holidays!

Take advantage of the sales

Our retailers are gearing up for some great sales and offers over the Easter period, so be sales smart. Pop into the centre and take a wander around the stores, or make a list of what you need and go full on sale stealth mode.

If you’re in need of some new clothes for the warmer seasons, when shopping at clothing stores like Rose Petals or Taylor’s Boutique, be sure to take advantage of their new season sales!

Offering it up

Not got lots of time to stalk up the sales? Visit our Offers page which is regularly updated with the latest deals in the centre! Keep an eye on our social media for some great deals. Then, head on into the centre and take advantage of money off in the stores. Or, sign up to loyalty programmes and promo codes online for even more savvy saving.


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