Celebrate Earth day with Sustainable Shopping Tips & Tricks

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sustainable shopping

We’re all about helping the planet here at St George’s and we want to help you to do your part too. To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve put together some sustainable shopping tips that our planet will thank us for.

Sustainability starts at… the centre

We’re so proud to that we have a range of sustainable initiatives going on in the centre, from recycling for customers and businesses to hosting a range of charity shops to ensure clothing gets passed down. Help us help the world by popping your rubbish in the right areas and browsing our second hand stores for that one off find.

Choose the right piece of clothing

Going for natural fabrics or one with a low carbon footprint is a great starting point of a sustainable shopping journey. Look for the likes of linen, cotton and silk garments in the centre to get the sustainability going. The impact of fast fashion is not sustainable, so when you’re shopping for your new season wardrobe, invest in staples and pieces you’ll wear for years to come.

Shop local

Whether it’s a small business or doorstep shop, shopping local means less transport and emissions. Close to the centre? Ditch the bus and take a stroll now the weather is warmer. With all those steps you’ll be able to enjoy a cake and drink at any of our many Cafes at St Georges too!

Ditch the plastic

Great news! More and more retailers are switching from plastic packaging, or using less, in their offerings so now is a great time to look out for these. Take it one step further by looking at how you can help. For example, recycling your carrier bags, picking paper straws or giving the plastic hanger on your new purchase back to our store. They’ll reuse them time and time again.


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