Brilliant BBQ

By 27th July 2022 No Comments

Nothing beats the aroma of something sizzling and succulent on the grill, mellow tunes playing in the background, and a cold drink in hand. We’ve cooked up a three-step guide just for you.

1. Prep. If you need a new BBQ, visit Poundland where you can pick one up for £12! Find out if you are catering to any vegetarians, pescetarians, or vegans. There are some fantastic non-meat BBQ recipes for you to choose from.

2. Theme. Set out the general theme and atmosphere that you’re aiming for. For example, are you looking to create a casual ‘Aussie Style’ barbie or a chic BBQ soirée? Taylor’s Boutique or Rose Petals might have the perfect outfit for the occasion.

3. Refreshment. While you can ask guests to bring a bottle, it’s a good idea to offer some refreshments to complement your menu and create the right atmosphere. Pimm’s and lemonade or a pre-mixed, non-alcoholic fruit punch go a long way and cater for everyone too.

Top Tip: If you have spare ice cubes, place an ice cube in the centre of your burger patty and your burgers will be cooked through without being dry!



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