Smokey's Electronic Cigarette Store

We provide electronic cigarette starter kits.
These incorporate everything you need to be on your way to being able to use your electronic cigarette. A kit usually comes with batteries, clearomizers, chargers, carry case and instructions. The reason it's a good idea to buy a starter kit instead of a single standalone e-cigarette are; you get a spare e-cigarette so when one is charging you can use the other one, a starter kit will include everything you need including some accessories such as carry case and lastly if you are looking to switch from real tobacco cigarettes then its best to give yourself the very best chance at succeeding with an electronic cigarette.

In addition we also sell, E Liquids- multiple flavour choices, Tanks, Coils and Heads, Batteries and chargers.

We have all you need to help you quite the Cigarettes

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 9.00am till 5.30pm
Sun - 10.30am till 4.30pm