January Detox

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January is the month to really focus on your health, make the most of what, many would call the worst month of the year – to recoup, rebuild and refresh your mind and body. Focus yourself on your well-being – and take the time to pamper, rest and detox the excesses of the festive period out of your system.

Limit Alcohol

The first challenge is alcohol, to limit your alcohol intake seems sensible after the often endless indulgences of December, especially as it is quieter and colder and the days still haven’t drawn out to daylight mornings and evenings.

Being alcohol free however, doesn’t mean going without tasty drinks and we suggest looking at the mocktail as a chance to get some of your fruit intake, and when spiced-up with ginger and cardamom can really give your body a well-deserved boost!

Poundland also do an excellent cocktail maker set and affordably priced – so take the opportunity to jazz up your alcohol and drinks cabinet!

Blood Orange mocktail

Blood Orange and spiced Vanilla Mocktail


  • 6 blood oranges juice, freshly squeezed,
    • slices for garnish
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 lime
  • 500ml sparkling water
  • blood orange slices for garnish
  • Cardamom
  • ginger


  1. Squeeze the blood orange juice into a jar with a sealed lid or cocktail shaker. Add the honey, spices and vanilla extract to the fresh juice. Shake. Add ice to cool it down.
  2. Generally, it is wise to use a ready-made decorator icing for the rim as opposed to orange juice for things such as sprinkles to stick.
  3. Pour evenly into two ice-filled glasses. Top with a squeeze of lime and sparkling water and a slice of blood orange on top.


Squeeze the blood orange juice on a non-porous surface or one that you don’t mind ruining. It will stain.

Alternatively, if you prefer to taste something more akin to the beverages you are craving, a visit to Sainsbury is well worth it – they provide a surprisingly vast choice of non-alcohol spirits, wines, prosecco and beer so if all else fails – you can treat yourself to an alcohol-free taste experience.

Shops – Sainsburys

Focus on Sleep

Second on our list is to focus on your sleep routine. This will allow you to really zone in to your pre-bed relaxation and consider investing some time and money in creating a comforting and inviting sleep space.

We would suggest a visit to boots to stock up on your favourite bath time salts and aromatherapy oils, soothing and nourishing balms and creams such as camomile, really help relax the mind and when combined with some arranged flowers from St Georges Flowers and a good book (we would always advise a good old-fashioned book in print to further aide your sleep routine – the blue-light from devices such as tablets and phones, really interrupts your internal daylight settings) you will be sure to slip into a comfortable, stress-free place that will help you get that all-important 8 hours sleep.

Foods and Prebiotics

The third step is one of the most important – the saying that ‘you are what you eat’ is all too true and to make time to plan ahead your mid-week meals and often, most importantly, your snack time treats, swapping out some of the trans fats for healthy omega and non-saturated fats will really help kick-start your health and get you slimming down and firing on all cylinders!

Another highly recommended store to visit is Holland and Barratt, providing you with every natural supplement you could desire to really make the most of your detox. During the month of January, consider taking a vitamin D supplement and also talking to the staff about probiotics and pre-biotics to really help you flush out all the harmful toxins and provide a digestive boost!

Get Active

Finally, and possibly one of the most important steps is the exercise, this is often the phase that most people propel themselves into most enthusiastically during January and then as the resolutions fade so do their visits to the gym and sooner or later you find yourself another year older, throwing yourself into the same promises that failed the year before!

St Georges offers you the chance to change that for good – and we would recommend being realistic in setting your goals – there is very little point in ‘beasting’ yourself into a sweaty mess in January – if by the 2nd week of February, you are so exhausted that you can’t exercise, or worse still – fear the gym visits you planned with such military precision!

Pure Gym and Anytime Fitness both offer the 24 hour gym facilities and after a short induction, you will be able to use their extensive gym facilities. Ideal for those working shift patterns or unusual hours, it gives you the flexibility to fit round your existing daily routines without missing out on the benefits of exercise. Consider scheduling yourself in for two full sessions of activity or classes and two sessions of just 15 mins to really allow yourself the maximal returns on your fitness and greatest chance of being able to commit to and continue the good work – well into the new year and achieving that all important summer bod!


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