How to have a “you” day

By 15th December 2022 January 13th, 2023 No Comments

Well-being is extremely personal and comes in many forms. A popular one of those is taking time out and having a “you” day here’s how…

1. Boil the kettle

Not got a lot of time? No problem, even 30 minutes to yourself can be a great way to feel refreshed. Switch off your phone and make a cuppa, then enjoy the peace and quiet. Got a bit more time? Enjoy a coffee at St George’s Cafe instead. You could take a good book or magazine, or even just enjoy the peace and quiet with your own thoughts.

2. Treat yourself

There’s nothing like having a good pampering session to make you feel brand new, so go ahead… spoil yourself. Book in for new nails, a massage, or facial, and delight in some treatment time. You can even ask for a silent treatment if you don’t fancy the chit-chat. The team at Elegant Beauty Bar is ready to book you in!

3. Shop til’ you drop

There’s a reason why we call it retail therapy so take full advantage, browse the shops and pick up a bargain in the winter sales, or head on down to YMCA and browse the rails for a more sustainable option. You might even want to take yourself out for dinner with your new togs! Check out St George’s Restaurant for something delicious.


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