3 Top Tips to Prepare Your Home (and Yourself) for Autumn

By 30th August 2022 No Comments

Even though it may be autumn soon, it doesn’t mean we can’t commit to a spring clean! With any change of season, the weather, our clothes, and the space around us will seem different in the coming weeks. Embrace those changes by having a well-needed season refresh!

Here are 3 things you can do to prepare your home (and yourself) for the change of season.

1. Spring Clean
We’re sure you’ve all had very busy summers, and if you’ve had guests, kids, or pets enjoying the heat in your households, you may be due a nice refresh! It’s time to embrace your inner Mrs or Mr Hinch and give your living spaces a deep, satisfying clean. You can grab your essentials for great prices at Savers and Poundland. Imagine how good you’re going to feel once it’s all done!

2. Wardrobe Refresh
Whilst we were treated to an extremely hot summer this year, who knows what the colder months will bring? Time to put those swimming trunks away and dig out the knitwear! Why not use this time to sort through those clothes that have been sitting in the wardrobe for a bit too long? Even better, if they’re still in good condition, why not drop them off at a charity shop to be loved by someone else? You can drop your donations at Marie Curie in the centre. Got extra space in your wardrobe after this? Keep an eye on Rose Petals or Taylor’s Boutique for some great deals on your autumn/winter attire!

3. Bag yourself early bargains
Don’t worry, we’re not going to mention the word that rhymes with “listmas” just yet… However, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Now is a great time to get in the shops and browse the post-summer sales to see if you can grab a great bargain or two! Visit Don’t Panic for early gift shopping or Deb’s Cards who already have Christmas cards in stock!

Whatever you choose to do to welcome in the new season, St George’s has something for everyone!


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